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Geological Map of the Licata Fold Belt (South Central Sicily): Explanatory notes. (including 1:50,000 scale Map)
Grasso M., Lickorish W.H., Diliberto S.E., Geremia F., Maniscalco R., Maugeri S., Pappalardo G>, Rapisarda F. and Scamarda G. 1998
Annales Tectonicę, 12, 51-58.

An area of the top of the Gela Nappe in south-central Sicily has been mapped in detail. The relationships between the Neogene-Quaternary sedimentation and the synchronous development of fold and thrust publications in the upper portion of the nappe are shown by the development of local structurally controlled unconformities and stratigraphic irregularities. The stratigraphy is dominated by submarine marls and clays, evaporitic and clastic deposits, which are the product of the Messinian lowstand, Pliocene chalks and marls and Plio-Pleistocene sandstones. The late regional uplift from north to south produced a diachronous regression, the sandstones being younger in the southern, structurally controlled, basins (Late Pliocene to Pleistocene in age). The deep structure of the Gela nappe is not exposed in the region, and the deformation represents the shortening of its upper surface as it propagated in a submarine environment into the adjacent Gela foredeep basin, within which the younger Pleistocene stratigraphy is continuous.